First Blush

A New Hampshire Journal

Late April, and flowers on the red maples bring a Spring blush to the woods


(In a “normal” winter/spring here, the lake would still be ice-covered until around April 25. This year the ice was out the first week of March)

Which Duck Is This?

Anyone recognize this duck ? We have several duck species on our lake at present: Mallard, Common Merganser, Bufflehead, but this guy with black head and neck and long black/white banded beak I cannot find in my books. Any experts on New England water birds out there?



BTW in other bird news: the Great Blue Heron arrived today. But the Bald Eagle pair have been gone for a week: did the warm spell send them north?  Are they off hunting and will return? Did the emerging boaters disturb them? Who knows eagle behavior?