Last week we hit our winter low temperature, -20 degrees F. This week the temperature reached 50 degrees, puddles appeared in the streets, icicles disappeared from the eaves… could these be signs of Spring? After A Long Cold Winter, it’s hard to imagine that all this snow is going to melt in the next few weeks!

Local snowfall this winter is around 90 inches. This area can get as much snow in March as it does in February, so we are certainly not “done with winter” yet!  But when temperatures have been so low for so long – weeks and weeks of 10-15 degrees below normal – and with most nights still close to zero degrees, it’s amazing how warm a 30-degree day feels! Even a few days of melting is a very welcome sign that the end of winter is near.

DSC_0003DSC_0008 DSC_0007  Indeed a close look at trees and shrubs reveals swelling buds, as the sun rises in the sky and sunlight grows stronger.  If we get the five days above freezing that are forecast for next week, the sap will start rising in the sugar maples and sugaring season will begin, almost a month late this year.

The clocks go forward this weekend, but moving to Eastern Summer Time when the snowpack is almost 3 feet deep seems foolish.  DSC_0009

Nonetheless, extra evening light will be welcome! We have had one decent sunset over the lake recently, the first since last Fall. DSC_0001



Flowers are appearing in the local stores, and Easter is a month away. Surely Spring is just around the corner!