We have had snow on the ground from Thanksgiving until Easter. But in the second week of April, it is finally melting. The Spring Thaw has arrived!

In this part of New England that means the start of “mud season.” Rural dirt roads are now an obstacle course of washboard, potholes and mud. Many people’s driveways are now nothing but mud. The “road bans” are on – weight restrictions on most rural roads –  as the frozen ground starts to yield to warmth. Frost heaves and potholes make even paved roads slow going. I cross four different trenches at 10 mph or less within two minutes of leaving home. The local street-scape is colored brown: in this area of lakes and private wells, little salt is used on winter roads, but much sand. The white snowbanks that lined the winter roads are now brown ridges. It’s hard to believe all this sand will disappear from view over the summer! Now the frozen lake is beginning to melt,

DSC_0001 (1)





and the snow banks have shrunk to a third of their winter maximum. DSC_0001 DSC_0004 2

I can see two thirds of my front lawn – still very brown – DSC_0002 copy DSC_0005



and there are green edges to the snow drifts in the back yard that faces the lake. This week I hope to dig my RV out of its snowbank, and maybe before the end of April we will venture south to find some 70 degree-plus weather!

I have a long list of outdoor projects to do and feel impatient to start them. But the thaw does not mean we are done with cold days or snow. Brave people faced wind and snow flurries on a local hill for a 6:15am Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. The flowers in church that morning were a bit sparse – local plant nurseries have had a hard time forcing daffodils and tulips into bloom after such a long and cold winter!

But we are all glad for days above freezing, and the sight of more farm-land, pasture and lawn each week. It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter that we will not quickly forget. But it certainly makes us appreciate the Spring Thaw!