I retired in June 2012, after being a Pastor on Long Island, NY for 16 years. Today I follow “the news,” read modern fiction and old poetry, take photographs, blog, post on Facebook, and cherish my wife, my family and my friends. Now we worship at a new church, occasionally I lead worship or Bible studies, and I cook breakfast sandwiches at our church’s weekly “café.” Since the Spring of 2014 we have lived in a lovely cottage beside a lake in New Hampshire, which we share with loons, heron, hawks, eagle, many ducks and geese, and a dozen other species of birds.March 2017 we have picked up and moved back to Eastern Long Island, New York – where we spent so many happy years before retirement. Missing the views of NH, but enjoying a Spring that actually begins in March!

4 comments on “About

  1. We have many beautiful lakes don’t we, and you are one lucky person to be able to enjoy one year round. 🙂


  2. Okay, how’s the move going? Settled in? Thought about a new blog?


    • pastpeter says:

      95% unpacked, still searching for the missing 5%! Liking the neighborhood, squeezing into the smaller house, rejoicing in crocuses and daffodils, trying to identify the shrubs and perennials around the house… waiting for our first trip to the ocean beaches to grab some images for a new blog! Hope you are getting some melting and at least hints of Spring! Blessings, Peter.


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