Here Comes Winter…

The leaves have gone, temperatures have dropped, the first dustings of snow have come, and the lake is starting to ice over. All the outdoor furniture, bird-houses, canoe and kayak are stored away. Fall is short here, and before Thanksgiving winter shows its face! Daytime highs in the mid-30s, night-time lows around 20; any given day can bring snow, sleet or ice. Now this is nothing compared to the upper mid-West, but its cold enough! So thoughts now turn to how many layers to wear, and how to keep the house warm.

The first snow-dusting came after rain, and produced a crisp coating for grass and trees, but the white coating was gone by noon once the sun was up .


A few mild days around 50deg followed, but then we were back into the cold air. This morning the lake had iced over 2/3 of its area, and the ice was covered with an inch of wet snow.


It’s going to be a long time until April!