Waiting Quietly for Spring


Bit By Bit

As the summer deepens, we settle in a little more each week. Bit by bit, our lakeside cottage feels more like home.

80 degree weather, often with low humidity, makes it easy to enjoy summer in this part of New Hampshire. Evening thunderstorms on humid days are spectacular, with lighting crossing the sky from one end of the lake to the other. The hanging plants are doing well, but we are still trying to decide on the ideal spot for a beautiful blue hydrangea – a gift from visiting friends.

Most of the house is furnished and decorated now, but there are still rooms to paint, window rods to be mounted, and more bookshelf space to be created. And slowly we are getting through the long list of “things you just gotta do” in the first three months after a move – not just unpacking the boxes and finding a home for everything, but getting new drivers’ licenses, having the vehicles registered and inspected (only batting one for three on the last one so far… NH auto inspections are tough!). Finding new physicians, and going through all the tests they demand of new patients, has filled many days. Mercifully we are all well, but that has to be proved and documented to the satisfaction of our new PCP! Health insurance can present problems when moving to a new state.

As July progresses, we have more visitors coming, and then (we hope) a week or two clear to get our RV out and take a trip back to Belfast, ME – to see how it looks in the summer after the long winter we enjoyed/endured there (see A Maine Winter), and to pick up a couple of items we left behind at our rented cottage in May! Good friends from Long Island will also be in ME, so we hope to visit them too.

Day by day, we are “getting there” emotionally and physically. It takes time to grieve and heal any loss, and retiring and leaving so many friends behind on Long Island left a hole in our lives that is still not filled – and in some ways never will be. But bit by bit, we are getting to where we believe God wants us to be now.DSC_0024