Settling In

It’s been a good week. Paul and I drove to Long Island, had a wonderful dinner with friends, and stayed with an always-gracious couple. Next morning we picked up a one-way rental truck, and spent 3 hours loading the last of our “stuff” – ladders, canoe and kayak, ACs, garden tools, fire-pit, and (best of all) the 16ft stairlift that allows Marian easy transport between floors. We took the ferry back and were home by 7pm, when a neighbor helped us haul the stairlift in; Paul spent the rest of the evening installing it! Next day we completed the unloading and dropped off the truck near Concord.

The rest of the week has been given to opening boxes, which is a little like Christmas after some of them have been packed for 18-24 months. Of course there are some things we still haven’t found! Marian has been decorating, and we now have a few prize pictures hung, collections displayed, and some books in the bookshelves!

Memorial Day weekend brings more people to the lake, and boats on the water:  kayaks, fishing boats, and two pontoon boats (no jet skis yet!). DSC_0190

Thunderstorms at lunchtime today gave way to a perfect afternoon with no wind and a mirror-like lake. DSC_0189

Tomorrow I preach at a local Congregational Church, whose interim pastor took only two Sunday visits to ask me to fill in for the holiday weekend so he and his wife could take a break…

We discovered a dirt back road a mile away that takes you up to a ridge facing west across the Merrimack Valley to the hills of NH, and the Green Mountains of VT 50 miles away. What a view! A glorious golden sunset over the lake completes the day! Thank you, Lord, for such beauty!


2 comments on “Settling In

  1. Sarah Benjamin says:

    So glad for you all. Please keep writing so we can hear how things develop. So wonderful to be preaching tomorrow. May the Lord bless your day and effort for Him. Welcome Home.


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