Moving In

May 16 – Day 12 -and most of our new lakeside home in New Hampshire is habitable! We arrived on Monday, May 5 and slept in our RV in the driveway (38deg that night). The movers arrived mid-morning on Tuesday, bringing our furniture and boxes from a storage unit on Long Island. I have never seen stronger or more energetic young men at work! They were on the road home by 3pm. Our garage was full of boxes, but by early evening we had the beds up and my wife managed to cook a meal in the kitchen.

Every day since has had a similar pattern: moving furniture around (we are now on bedroom 2.0, living room 3.0), carrying boxes up and down stairs, stacking them in relevant places, unpacking a few of them. Between labors, sitting on the porch for coffee or lunch and enjoying the view of the lake!  Driving out to investigate the local stores for groceries, and for things we did not know we would need or could not yet find in the boxes! My wife cooked with one skillet and one pan for a week before we unearthed the box of pans and cooking utensils!

We have slowed our unpacking, and now a “3-4 box day” is plenty (there are probably 40 more in the garage!). Shopping takes up more time – 2h in Home Depot this afternoon buying chairs for the deck, a new faucet set for the kitchen, a replacement door for one irreparably damaged for the guest bedroom (first guests – family – due over Memorial Day weekend!).

Today we have the first serious rain since we arrived. The hills have disappeared in low cloud and fog, as have the tops of the taller pines on the north side of the lake. The loon pair keep up their daily swim and dives across the lake. The one Canada Goose pair paddled past our dock this morning.

Leafing out continues, and our world is greener day by day – mostly with the color a friend calls “chartreuse.” No fishermen are visible today.DSC_0175

It’s a remarkably tranquil corner of the world, though big box stores are only 15 minutes away. The local villages range from sweet to historic-beautiful. We sampled local wine and found it rich and interesting. I have learned over the decades that “you can get used to anything, given time,” and our first two weeks in the “Lakes Area”/Merrimack Valley of NH promise very well for the future. There is much beauty to enjoy, people are friendly, and the population density and traffic volume are a long way below New York – even eastern Long Island – standards.

We sleep well in a very silent and dark corner of New England. We are very happy with our move, even if our muscles are sore! God be praised that there are still places like this where people like us can choose to settle, and enjoy “peace, quiet and beauty” – core values of people our age!


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