The Lake

A lakeside home offers a remarkable spectrum of views. Light and color change constantly. The lake surface changes from a silver mirror in early morning, reflecting every tree and cloud in profile and color, to dark gray white-capped waves driven by a brisk NW breeze in mid-afternoon. Even after dusk, it’s amazing how a dark-adapted eye can see the profile of the lake’s west bank reflected in a steel-gray again-calm surface.

White Pine, Hemlock, Oak, Red Maple, Birch frame the lake. Button-brush and reeds skirt the water’s edge. Birds abound: sparrows, finches, chickadees, orioles, swallows, red-wing blackbirds, plovers, robins, crows, hawks, mallards, wood ducks, loons, Canada Geese, a Blue Heron… all in a casual day’s view from the deck!

We have loved our first week on the SE shore of a dammed, 60-acre, 1/2 mile-wide, 50ft deep lake in New Hampshire’s Merrimack Valley, midway between Laconia and Concord. Pale green and muddy pink clothe the trees on the far shore amid the pines, and red-maple flowers are dropping on our deck. It’s good to be in NH now that Spring has arrived!


Shellcamp Lake to the NE


Shellcamp Lake to the NW

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